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Microsoft Bing given major AI overhaul to add technology that powers ChatGPT

Stepping into the future: How to get Microsoft’s new ChatGPT-powered Bing and skip the waiting list

Microsoft already has a long waiting list for people who want to use their new ChatGPT-Bing search engine and ChatGPT-Edge browser. However, there’s one trick to skip the waiting time and jump the line.

With the launch of the all-new ChatGPT-powered Bing, Microsoft may have changed how we browse and use the internet, forever. Along with the search engine, the Redmond-based tech giant also launched an upgraded version of their Edge web browser. 

For the time being, the launch is limited to desktop users only, that too selected users. All the rest of us will need to join a waiting list. Having said that, Microsoft is offering some users to jump the queue and experience firsthand what a ChatGPT-enabled search engine is really capable of.

Users who want to try out ChatGPT, will need to signup at before anything else and join the waiting list

To jump the line, Microsoft said users can set Bing as the default search engine on their PC and scan a QR code to download the Bing Search app on their phones. Of course, you will need to sign in on both devices, using a Microsoft account. 

Bing is using the GPT-4 version of ChatGPT. The ChatGPT that we are familiar with is based on GPT-3, so when compared to Bing’s AI model, ChatGPT already seems a little outdated.

For the time being, the ChatGPT-powered Bing will only respond to a predetermined set of queries. This is applicable only for the limited preview stage, and free-form queries will be made available to users, soon.

Bing’s ChatGPT can also go through search results and synthesize the findings to answer relatively complex queries in a chat window. For example, in case one is preparing a dish using a recipe and needs to look for alternatives for a certain ingredient, Bing will answer users without them having to scroll through multiple results.

Furthermore, users will be able to compare products, plan holidays, and do all sorts of comparative searches, based on the latest available information. GPT-3 based ChatGPT only had access to information from 2021 and before. Bing’s ChatGPT has access to the latest version of the Internet. When looking for something that can be bought, like a holiday package, or electronics such as a TV or a smartphone, Bing will be able to suggest purchase links to that product, based on the user’s preference and parameters that they set.

Bing can also write content for emails, social media posts, job interview notes, and even a an itinerary for a trip users may be planning. It can also translate what users want to write in a bunch of different languages. As for all the results that come from ChatGPT, Bing will also credit its sources so that users can read up more, should they choose to.

As for the new Edge browser, it has a sidebar that has all the options for users who want to use its AI abilities, while another mode lets users engage with Bing in the familiar ChatGPT-like chat interface. The new Edge sidebar includes “chat” and “compose” functions. Users may use “Chat” to summarise any given Web page or document and search for information relating to its content. Based on a few prompts, “Compose” allows users to produce material for social media postings or emails.